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Map of ZambiaZambia is located in southern Africa and is endowed with substantial mineral resources and an economy historically based on the copper mining industry.

The official language of the country is English and the capital is Lusaka. Zambia is located well within the tropics and has altitudes generally between 1,000m and 1,500m.

The Government of Zambia has created a positive investment climate for the mining industry. The Mining Journal's special publication on Zambia (1.6MB pdf) provides a very good summary of mineral exploration and mining in the country.

Population: 15,264,735
Capital: Lusaka
Area: 752,618 km2
Language: English, native African languages
Religion: Christian, indigenous beliefs, Muslim
Currency: Zambian kwacha (ZMK)
Monetary unit: 1 Zambian kwacha - 100 ngwee.
Main exports: Copper, minerals, corn, sorghum, rice, tobacco, cotton
Mining Code: Mines and Minerals Development Act (no. 7) 2008
GDP: $14.654 billion
GNP per capita: $1,247

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